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Modular sluice box PPM-5

 It is designed for washing and enrichment of gold-bearing placers bouldery sands with containment of fraction enriched – 50 mm about 40%.


Conveyor tumbler unit with sluicing PKBS-100

The sluice box PKBS-100 is designed for washing and enrichment of the sands of gold placer deposits which are little-water-logged and rich of fine gold. This unit provides efficient gold recovery with size from 0,1 mm to 20 mm, washing and dumping pebble and boulders with the size up to 350 mm.


Barrel sluice box PBS-40

The barrel sluice box PBS-40 is designed for washing and enrichment of placer deposits’ sands (mostly gold-bearing) and used mainly under relatively little washing volume from one device site

Tumbler disintegrating sieve GDB -100

The tumbler disintegrating sieve is designed for placer deposits’ gold-bearing sands disintegration and washing as part of sluice boxes with two- or three-fraction enrichment.


Tumbler disintegrating sieve GDB-40

The tumbler disintegrating sieve is designed for placer deposits’ gold-bearing sands disintegration and washing.


Hydraulic elevator sluice units PGS-30, PGS-50, PGS-75

The PGS hydraulic elevator sluice units with a productivity rate from 30 to 75 cbm per hour are designed for gold-bearing sands washing during bulldozer development.


Hydraulic elevator tumbler device PGB-75

The hydraulic elevator tumbler device PGB-75 is designed for placer deposits’ gold-bearing sands washing and enrichment, including water-logged deposits with coarse or fine gold

Travelling feeding bin BPK-1000

The travelling feeding bin is designed for aggregation of run-of-mine supplying by digging machines and also for its continuous discharge to belt conveyers during placer deposits development

Elevating belt rope conveyor KLPK-1000

This conveyor is designed for run-of-mine transportation when using open-cut mining. It may also be used in other industries.

Link rotatory spreaders OZP-800, OZP-650

The spreader is designed for dehydrated tossing tailings cleanup to dumping site during placer deposits development, and also for run-of-mine stocking to dumping sites during stripping works and production. It may also be used for dumping sites creation and in other industries.


One-sided sluice add-on device PS-1500

It is designed for using in combination with enrichment equipment of GGM-3 unit in order to increase the rate of gold recovery from fine gold (-0,5 mm) bearing sands  with content by fractional makeup up to 20%.


One-direction sluice add-on PSO-1000

It designed for using as part of preparation equipment of hydraulic elevator equipment (PGS) for substitution of the parts of main sluices or add-ons to increase degree of extraction owing to fine grain gold

Electric-driven pumping units

The pumping units are designed for supplying technological processes with water during development and enrichment of the placer deposits’ sands.

Diesel-engine driven pumping units

Appropriate for operating procedures water supply during development and concentrating of the sands of alluvial deposits.


Sluice box on the basis of laminal sieve GGM-3

Designed for washing and enrichment of gold-bearing sands during bulldozing of the productive strata of bouldery placers’ sands.

It is used as self-sufficient equipment and among scrubber as classifier.





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